Biology Project Lead

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


A stellar opportunity to join the core team of a nifty startup: join DeepCure and have a massive impact on redefining drug-discovery. As a Biology Project Lead at DeepCure you will be at the heart of applying our transformative AI platform, work on the biggest challenges in the pharma industry, apply cutting-edge technologies, and help us shape the company’s scientific vision ensuring we are constantly pushing the bar for what is possible. You will be accountable for building and managing a portfolio of biological targets aligned to unmet medical needs, agnostic of target class or therapeutic area, and which take full advantage of DeepCure’s AI approach. Working hand-in-hand with other drug discovery scientists and software engineers, this is a truly unique role in which you can have a leading role to positively impact patients and change the way industry does Drug Discovery.


DeepCure, founded by a team of researchers from the MIT Media Lab, develops disruptive Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize pharmaceutical development. We reimagine drug development as if it was designed today, with access to the latest breakthroughs in Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, and our proprietary database of one trillion chemistries, and without the existing biases. Our goal is to redefine the way we discover new drugs by improving the breadth and accuracy of pre-clinical drug development and saving pre-clinical time and cost. More importantly, we save lives by enabling discovery of highly effective drugs which do not exist in any current drug library and are extremely unlikely to be discovered by any existing drug discovery pipeline.




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